Varieties of toilet tanks

Ідеї та поради

A typical toilet consists of a bowl and a container filled with water (tank). The water from tank enters the bowl and washed into the sewer system. The drain system is activated by pressing the lever or button. It is not the same in different equipment model.

You can buy tanks of different types. There are several classifications of such equipment.

According to tank and bowl location and joining, there are the main categories:

Completely separate designs. It is assumed that in this case the tank and the bowl are separated. This is the first of the existing versions of the toilet. The height of the tank can have different modifications.
The high position implies that the drain tank is at a distance of one meter or more from the bowl. The elements are connected by a pipe. This option has been the most common relatively recently.
This is due to the fact that the high location of the drain tank guarantees high speed and good pressure of the water entering the flush. Today such models are used less often.

Another type – built-in tanks, which are equipped with wall-hung toilets. They are fixed in a special installation.

The low location of the tank implies that it is mounted on the wall at a short distance from the bowl. They are connected by a short pipe. The drain valve is located on the tank body. Because the height from which the water flows is smaller, its speed and pressure are slightly lower.

The drain tank of compact toilets is placed directly on the bowl. It is equipped with a special shelf. Such models are very convenient in installation and operation, but water pressure and its speed at flushing are minimum.

Compact toilets are produced with trapezoidal and triangular tanks. Such toilets are called corner. They fit very well into the corners, it is especially convenient to install them in small bathrooms.

Toilet monoblocks. It is a toilet bowl with a built-in tank. This equipment is very easy to install. All you have to do is supply water and connect the device to the sewer.

This can be considered the main advantage. But in the event of serious breakdowns in any part, it often has to be replaced, because the monolith often prevents a full repair.